Saturday, July 24, 2010


The English language comprises a wide range of linguistic variations. These can be called dialects. They are sub-forms which may differ in pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar but are, in most cases, mutually comprehensible.
Dominant varieties, British and American English, account for the largest number of speakers. English dialects are present in every corner of planet, in each continent. Just to mention a few:

- Canadian English
- Caribbean English
- Scottish English
- Welsh English
- Hong Kong English
- Indian English
- Singapore English
- Nigerian Standard English
- South African English
- Australian English
- New Zealand English
- Fijian English

If you think this is plenty, well, most of these national varieties subdivide into numerous regional dialects adding in complexity and richness to the language originated in the British Isles some 1,500 years ago.


  1. Eu falo bem pouco o ingles, mais o melhor pra ententer é o ingles de London, é muito bom saber esse tipo de informação, muito obrigado...

  2. 'the language originated in the British Isles some 1,500 years ago'. Er, you're confusing English with 'Old English'. They're different languages. English is maybe 500-600 years old.